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Sabol Field - Steve Sabol ('60)
“Where NFL Films was born.”

“From a tower that once stood on the far side of the 50-yard line at the Haverford School, Ed Sabol shot home movies. For all practical purposes, it’s this football field that spawned NFL Films. Ed documented Steve [Sabol’s (Haverford Class of 1960)] football games with a Bell & Howell 16 mm movie camera he got as a wedding present. Now there’s a persistent possibility that … Haverford will name its football field after Steve.” Football Fantasy, Mail Line Today (Feb. 2008).

That day has indeed come to pass. On September 5, 2009 the football field at The Haverford School was formally dedicated and named, for the first time in its 126 year history, as “Sabol Field.”   
Haverford is proud to be the birthplace of NFL Films!    See Inside NFL Fims Video 


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